Wednesday, June 10, 2009

22 Weeks: Past the Halfway Point!

He's a mover and a shaker....

So we're finally past the halfway point - YAY!!!!  I still feel amazing.  I've put on about 9 lbs. so far, so I still have lots of growing to do.  It's funny - I always thought I'd be one of those women who eat like crazy and put on 40 lbs or so since I was quite the chubby teenager.  Now, I have been wondering if I'm putting on enough weight.  I'm certainly not hungry all the time nor am I "eating for 2."  All that "stuff" about digestion slowing down must be true - I find I have to make myself eat 3-4 small meals a day.  Sugar and I were having it out for a while.  Sugar was definitely winning this last month, but we have finally come to terms.  Man, I was always a salt person (popcorn and potato chips), but my inner sweet tooth came out of the closet for this pregnancy.  Don't get between me and the fruit bowl, the ice cream, Butterfingers candy bars or Werther's and Lifesaver's candy.  

At least I'm still going to the gym about 3 times a week.  I've finally found a couple prenatal yoga classes which I'm going to try out next week.  For some reason they are both later in the evening, like 6-8PM.  What pregnant woman has enough energy to drive to a yoga class at that hour?  Well, if they're good, I guess we'll figure it out.  I also started swimming about a month ago, when we had a few nice warm day.  However, June gloom has taken over and it's been too cool to swim.  Plus, why would anyone swim if you couldn't also lay out in the sun?  I expect July and August will be clearer and warmer.

I've been reading pregnancy and birth books like they are going out of style.  Everything had said I should start feeling movement by week 20, and I hadn't really.  Just as I was about to e-mail my mommy friends to ask what the difference between feeling gas bubbles and baby movement was, it suddenly got clearer and more definite for me.  I knew.  Now he moves all the time - it's like someone is rubbing me from the inside as they flip around and dance and swim.  He changed positions twice during my last Ultrasound and actually kicked back at the US Technician when she was pushing down to get a good look at his organs. He's like his father - doesn't like to be looked at or analyzed!  He kept hiding his face behind his hands when we tried to get a good photo.

Andre, Phoenix an I have had all kinds of tests and several Ultrasounds so far, due to my age and our family genetics, etc.  I have one more US at the end of this month.  Everything points to this being a perfect baby boy, no chromosomal problems, no spinal problems, no development problems, good weight and size and very active.  I couldn't be happier.  I'll be 40 this July and I already got the gift I've been waiting my whole life for.  I feel so lucky and I thank God every day.

So, as it stands, Phoenix James Vander will arrive around October 14th.  If everything goes as planned, he'll be born at home, with Andre assisting and all the cats watching!  As you can imagine, we'll be staying home for the holidays of 2009 with our best Christmas present ever.

Here are the latest US photos.  I'll get more at the end of the month.  Much love to everyone!


  1. Yay! Looking forward to seeing your pregnant self, and Andre, later this summer. - Aviva

  2. WOW~ had no idea. Sure missed seeing you on my way through.
    Congrats to you BOTH!
    Looking forward to catching up with you sooner then later.
    Best wishes!

  3. I'm so excited for you!!! I've been working on answering the questions for mama friends w/boys for well almost 2 weeks now. I keep getting interrupted by a very active 4 year-old and a fast growing 8 months old ;o) Love you! XOXOXO