Tuesday, May 5, 2009

17 weeks and counting

Well, 17 weeks along and I'm still waiting for something crazy to happen.  For example, I'm wondering which night someone will sneak a basketball into my belly!

Being pregnant has been a pleasure so far.  I was never sick in any way.  Not much changed except I started talking to myself in public and don't get between me and a grocery store or you'll be sorry.  It's funny though - I like the idea of food much more than the food itself, so I keep getting more and stranger things to fill the frig and the cupboards, and I sometimes don't eat any of it.  Andre is often challenged when trying to find something quick to eat these days..... Although I am just starting to show (looking like a small egg with arms and legs), I have only put on about 3 pounds so far.  The change in shape is just enough to make most of my normal clothes, that don't stretch, a little uncomfortable.  My wardrobe these days consists of yoga pants, t-shirts and tank tops, with the occasional sweat short on warm days.  I keep trying to find cute sundresses, but obviously all the good designers went on vacation this year.  I'm appalled at the choices I have.

For those of you who don't know, Andre and I had some concerns at the beginning of this pregnancy.  Andre's family has a genetic translocation.  Without going into too much detail, this was something Andre had the chance of passing on to a child.  So in the creating of a new genetic string in a child, he could pass on perfect chromosomes, too many or too few chromosomes or the healthy translocation he has.  Bottom line, this just increased my chance of miscarriage over what was already stacked against me because of my age.  I had a special test done at 12 weeks, called a chorionic villus sampling, to check out the chromosomes of the little one.  Fortune smiled upon us and the test came back clear.  The baby has 46 perfect little chromosomes and two of them were X and Y.  So, we got to know super early on that it was a boy!  I go in for my Level II Ultrasound on My 18th, so I'll have new photos to update with.  We had a name chosen long before I got pregnant so we are lucky we created the little boy who's coming.  Phoenix James is expected to make his debut on October 14th or so.....

We have a busy summer ahead, trying to get in some travel before we're both home for a while.  We're going to Florida early in July for my 40th birthday to stay in the Keys with good friends Phil and Paige, and meet their cute son.  We are trying to plan a day to swim with the dolphins while we are there.  Not only is it a spiritually beautiful thing to do when you're pregnant, but some studies have shown that the dolphin's sonar affects unborn children in many positive ways including faster brain development and being ambidextrous.  It's something we've both wanted to do when we decided to have kids.  We are also heading out to the shores of Massachusetts at the end of July to spend some time with Andre's family at their beach house.  I can't wait to relax at the beach!

August will be a month of parties.  We will probably plan a baby shower sometime in Santa Barbara.  We will also be going to the crazy bachelor/bachelorette weekend for our good friends Joe and Jillian, who are getting married.  I imagine I will be chaperoning!  September will be spent planning for the arrival of our son, except for the last big weekend of the month.  I am a bridesmaid in our friends, Joe and Jillian's wedding.  I'm sure I wont be the sexy bridesmaid J&J planned for, and hopefully Phoenix doesn't decide to show early!

So that's it for now.  More photos to come.  Hope this finds everyone happy and loving life.  We certainly are!


  1. A perfect name! I'm so happy for you guys! Can't wait to see you this weekend!
    Little Sister

  2. Yay!!! Thanks! Had so much fun hanging with you last Friday!!! Can't wait til you come back in a few weeks and I can say hello to Phoenix again! Love!

  3. I can't wait to see you in July! In the meantime, I will be on the lookout for some cute sundresses for you. I live in them down here, and we may have a better selection. Ash is using all the maternity wear right now, but we may be able to send some of it back with you in July. She will be getting close to delivery by then. xxoo

  4. Love the sonogram -- it is really a baby -- I am so very excited. Love the name Phoneix James. I just love good news.